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Zhejiang Ocean Family Co., Ltd., invested by the well-known Wanxiang Sannong Group Co., Ltd., is a key national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization.
With the registered capital of RMB270 million, the company focuses its businesses on sectors such as ocean fisheries, aquatic products processing, import and export trading, and the terminal marketing in the domestic market. ......
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The round logo suggests a harmonious mentality of achievement and accommodation. The three curved lines represent the company's three fishing fleets operating in the three oceans of the ....
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Company Objective:To achieve sustainable development and contribute to the society.
Company Mission:To provid more safe, reassuring, healthy and delicious seafood to consumers at home and abroad.
Company Vision:Ocean Family goods awakens the taste buds of 1.4 billion chinese people and promotes charity through consumption.
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17/F,No.20 Xiangzhangyuan,Changzhi Island,Lincheng Street,Dinghai District,Zhoushan,Zhejiang Province,China.
   Postcode:316022 E-mail:yyyy@zheyu.cn Web:http://www.zjdysj.cn/

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